Our Product: Furniture Instructions designed for everyone.

Designed Outdoors is a DIY site for modern outdoor furniture.  Never built a chair before? Our instructions are written with you in mind.  The pieces are designed to be built with basic tools. The instructions are written in simple language with loads of visuals that clearly illustrate each step.    

Perhaps you are wondering why pay for instructions?  There’s plenty of free plans on the internet.  And that is true.  But I’m betting you’re not going to find a complete collection of custom designed furniture, nor will they likely be complete and understandable instructions.  What Designed Outdoors is offering is different.  Here’s why:

Each set of instructions includes visuals and descriptions of everything you’ll need to build each item. In each set of instructions is a list of recommended tools, the quantity and sizes of lumber needed, advice on how to get started, and clear step-by-step instructions.  There is a Project Overview page included that has plenty of helpful hints and tips about using the power tools as well as advice on where to purchase the supplies.  A Quick Overview page shows all the steps required to assemble in one quick glimpse.  And each instruction page contains clear visuals that break down the parts needed and how they should be assembled.

Take a look at the sample pages below.  You can do this!

Example cover page

Example Page: Recommended Tools

Example Instruction Page

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