So you’re planning to build your own outdoor furniture.  Or maybe you downloaded the instructions and successfully built your very own Designed Outdoors chair or loveseat.  If the latter, then congrats – email me your finished piece!  But where do you get the best deals on cushions?  As of writing this article, I have found the following options for adorning your work of art with comfortable cushions.


This option obviously has the advantage of endless choices: cushion thickness; welt or no welt; one continuous cushion (for 2 and 3-seaters) or multiple cushions; and of course any outdoor fabric your heart (or wallet) desires.  You would think this would be the most expensive option, and it certainly can be depending on the options you choose.  But there are online cushion sources that are actually very comparable to home stores’ prices.  The other custom route would be a local drapery or fabric store that has in-house fabrication and makes custom cushions or reupholsters old ones.  I actually found this to be the most expensive route.

Store bought:

Many department, outdoor, and home furnishing stores have outdoor cushions, either seasonally or all year long and also offer them online.  Some of these stores include Target, Pier One, Home Depot, or At Home.  If you find the right size and in a fabric you like, this could be the least expensive option, especially if waiting for sale prices.


The third option is for the ultimate DIY person: make them yourself.  If this is you, God bless!  Since there are other affordable and attractive options, I just don’t possess the patience to do this myself.  But, you could really save yourself a lot of money if you know how to sew and have the time and patience to take this on.